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Regardless of the case, if you have a Pokémon established in as a minimum one gym, you could achieve the rewards. Hit the store and search for the little defend icon on the higher right. Faucet that and also you’ll collect a Defender bonus of 10 coins and 500 Stardust for every health club you currently manipulate, up to a maximum of 10 gyms. Then the timer will reset, and you’ll should wait 21 hours to redeem any similarly rewards.

I’ve held some gyms in my time, however here in Chicago, most of the gyms around me generally tend to change arms a couple of instances an hour-so I’ve never been assured sufficient to try to find further gyms to hold down earlier than accumulating my bonus. Over time, as casual players thin out and hardcore fanatics wield ultra-powerful Pokémon, possibly the gyms will stay with one crew for longer spans. but genuinely, after playing the sport step by step for almost three weeks now, I think I’ve accumulated 50 cash via this technique. you could’t buy whatever with 50 coins.

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