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Pokemon Go: Catch specific pokemon from home (Simulated Walking UPDATED)

Today, we’re going to work together to catch specific pokemon using the Xcode hack while avoiding the “Out of Memory” errors that many of you have encountered with Xcode. I go into great detail about how to create these specific files, and provide the file I created in this tutorial as a download.

Note: My device is an iPhone 6+, and the memory threshold before errors happen is 100mb. Let me know if you guys report something different. If you’re looking for my first simulated walking video, it can only be found on my facebook, as youtube won’t restore it: facebook.com/programmertommy

The drive spreadsheet where you can contribute coordinates so I can keep this site updated:

Site where I will be creating files for download:

The super cool dude that built the site for this video:

The “Dratini camp walk” file I created in this video:

The essentially blank template to make your own GPX file:

Please contribute coordinates if you know where a popular spawn point for particular pokemon are and I will try to keep this up to date.


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