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New Update Chapter 19! Pokemon Masters – Android IOS Gameplay Part 28

New Pokemon Game! Masters Gameplay Walkthrough Part 28
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Game ID : 0980-5702-4862-7439

“Pokémon Masters will allow players to experience a new type of Pokémon battle on the move and will include many famous Pokémon Trainers from the long history of the series,” the official statement reads.

The new game is set in an artificial island known as Pasio, “somewhere in the world of Pokemon”. On Pasio, trainers aim to become the champion of the Pokemon Master League.
In Pokemon Masters, players will be able to collect different trainers from throughout the Pokemon series. The game follows a Sync Pairs system. Unlike other Pokemon games, each Trainer has one partner Pokemon. Players will be able to build their own dream team of 3 trainers.

The game boasts a real-time 3-vs-3 combat system. The combat will follow the combat system of the iconic turn-based system similar to that of the Pokemon RPG series. During combat, there is a Move Gauge. The Move Gauge decreases over time, meaning players will have to unleash skills as soon as possible if they want to make the most out of their turn.

Players will also be able to unleash special moves known as Sync moves. These special moves, according to the live-stream makes battles “a whole lot more interesting.

Asides from Pokemon moves, the game will also feature Trainer’s Moves. Trainer’s Moves are support moves that support their Pokemon during the battle, this includes healing and stat boosts.

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